Sikkim Treks & Hikes! – Kanchenjunga Base Camp, Yuksom Goecha La, Kasturi Orar Round, Dzongri Trek

There are several treks in Sikkim that lets you explore some of the unknown parts of this northern-east region with the scenic meadows, marvelous slopes, mountain passes, lush greenery, shimming lakes and distant valleys. Bordered by China, Nepal, and Bhutan, this destination is reckoned as the seventh heaven on earth.

The freshness in the air and calm in the chaos which the adventure junkies experience while trekking in Sikkim is worthwhile. Not just its enchanting beauty but the panoramic views of this northeast region makes the trekkers fall for it. With easy, moderate and difficult treks, this northeast state has added a completely new meaning to trekking. This place is perfect for a nature lover as well as adventure lovers.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek:

This is one of the most thrilling and adventurous treks in Sikkim. The trail of this trek goes through the giant magnolias and pines, varied forests of rhododendrons, spruces, and then it merges into the scenic meadows. Although this trek is quite challenging for the non-adventurous people as it takes them to some precipitous sides of the Himalayas. The trekkers will have the breathtaking views of the Mt. Kanchenjunga and other sky-high peaks.

While going through this trek one reaches the western region of Sikkim which is nearby the border of Nepal. Abscond through Yuksom, this trek passes through Tshoka, Thangsing, Dzongri, Lamune, Goecha La, Samiti, and Kokchorung.

Altitude: 5086 meters
Trek Duration: 11-12 Days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: March to May and September to November

Yuksom Goecha La Trek:

Blessed with legendary chronicles and natural beauty, Goecha La Trek is one of the adventurous treks in Sikkim especially for all those folks who are adrenaline junkies. Situated at an elevation of 4939 meters, this highest trek is nestled in the vibrant Kanchenjunga National Park, one of the greenest regions in the world. The southeast face of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the world’s third highest mountains, can be easily viewed from the pass which is a base camp for those people who are aspiring to scale the mountain.

This adventurous trek takes you through the pine forest, oak trees, beautiful valleys that will leave you in awestruck by the splendid beauty of this region. Also, get ready to explore the vivid wildlife of this region with rare flora and fauna as you move forward on this trek. Not just this, 14 other summits will be the reward on this trek. The stunning Samiti Lake, with the crystal clear water and the reflection of the Mt. Pandim, is another major tourist attraction on this trek.

Altitude: 16,200 ft
Trek Duration: 11 days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: March to May

Kasturi Orar Round Trek:

Kasturi Orar Round Trek starts from Yuksom and goes up to Goecha La which is the highest point of this adventurous trek. To the trekkers, this is a dream come true as this trek offers a breathtaking view of Talung Glacier and Mt. Kanchenjunga. It allows you to explore some unexplored trails of the Kanchenjunga National Park and some small villages where you can take a rest amidst trekking. In addition to this, this trek provides you an opportunity to take pleasure of Nepali culture.

Altitude: 5002 meters
Trek Duration: 14-15 Days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: March to Mid June and September to Mid November

Dzongri Trek:

This is yet another the most thrilling treks in Sikkim as it offers the spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mount Pandim. The routes of this trek pass through scenic trails with blooming flowers and stunning valleys like the magnolia pine, Rhododendron, maple, and oak forests.

Considered as the easiest trek, it is perfect for beginners. This trek begins from Yuksom Village and it passes through some picturesque villages like Tshoka Village where you can take a halt before you ascend again.

Altitude: 4020 meters
Trek Duration: 8-9 Days
Grade: Easy to Moderate
Best Time To Trek: Mid-March to May and September to November

Everest Singalila Trek:

Everest Singalila Trek begins from the Yambong region and is nearby the border of India and Nepal. This exciting trek offers a range of panoramic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest. It takes you through some of the scenic locations in beautiful tea gardens, mountains peaks, valleys, and much more.

Altitude: 4940 meters
Trek Duration: 9-10 Days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: June to October

Tholung Trek:

Situated in the North region of Sikkim, Tholung Trek begins from Bagdogra and it extends to Lingsha. This trek takes you through verdant woods along the River Ringpi Chu and up to Tholung monastery. This is one of the splendid treks in Sikkim that ascend through the amazing flora and fauna. Also, the yak and alpine tree can also be seen in this northern region. The majestic hills and hamlets leave the trekkers in awestruck.

Altitude: 2439 meters
Trek Duration: 5 Days
Grade: Easy
Best Time To Trek: March to may & mid October to mid December

Tosar Lake Trek:

Tosar Lake Trek is positioned amidst the Chola range and Mangan range. A mammoth peak of the mountain is located towards the southern region of this lake trek. The trail of this trek passes through the trees of bamboos, rhododendron, conifer, and alpine. This is one of the best and eye-pleasing treks in Sikkim that offers the pristine floral cover of the northern region.

Altitude: 4000 meters
Trek Duration: 11-12 Days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: April to May & October to November

Green Lake Trek:

Green Lake Trek is one hidden gem of the Himalayas that comes under the least explored places in Sikkim. This trek is regarded as the perfect blend of the spectacular views and pristine beauty of the peaks which are high in altitude. This trek passes through dense forests, varieties of the rhododendrons, splendid waterfalls, flowers, and birds. All these things fill the trail of this trek with various colors and make it beyond amazing.

Not many people are allowed to explore The Green Lake as it is reckoned as a restricted area. One needs to take prior permission in order to explore this region.

Altitude: 5050 meters
Trek Duration: 14-15 Days
Grade: Moderate to difficult
Best Time To Trek: April to May & October to November